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We offer our service on a disciplinary and cross-disciplinary basis as it befits the requirement. We also offer a total package solution particularly suitable for companies that desire to operate their overseas business (as separate from the domestic) in Hong Kong so as to ride on the advantages and benefits the territory is ready to offer.


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An all-round perspective

We adopt an active approach in financial consulting for the wellbeing of our clients. In daily usage, the term could be misleading and anything related to finance facility but without giving life to it.

Far from it, we spell out our service in explicit terms that our clients will find it easy to understand and benefit from to grow their business.

In financing arrangement, the trinity of objectives is:

a. Optimal bundling of financing tools;

b. Reasonable costs; and

c. Fair and transparent facility covenants.

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Turning a New Page

In the course of growth, a corporation may need new investors to inject capital in order to jump-start expansion. Investors may be simply putting money into the business without direct involvement. The investors of this category are looking mainly at maximizing the shareholders’ return.


To achieve synergistic effect, a corporation will be looking for investors that not only put in money but also contribute to strategic alignment (such as vertical integration) & growth (for instance providing extra distribution channels).


There are pros and cons in these 2 types of investors to the corporation concerned. Sticking to the mandate we have with our client, we will handle all matters from selection, due diligence and all the way down to execution.


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Your pair of helpful hands

In management consulting, we work with our clients to unravel conundrums, identify opportunity and make progress.

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An unbiased view

With our expertise in banking, audit, finance, consulting and years of practical experience, we are conversant in handling due diligence.

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Delivering effectual solution

We provide comprehensive tax compliance and advisory service in respect of the Hong Kong tax regime that covers major taxes including profits tax, salaries tax, property tax and stamp duty. Our advisory service is tailor-made for both corporate and individual clients.  

We also assist our clients in Hong Kong tax audit and investigation required by the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department by acting to resolve the tax disputes between our clients and the Department and work out compromised settlements.

Other than the regular tax advisory and compliance service, we act as consultant to our clients in mergers and acquisitions to conduct due diligence reviews on the target companies. In addition to the management’s instructions, we would propose additional scope that may have been overlooked by the management. Our advice is on tax planning in mergers and acquisitions and corporate restructuring to right-size our clients’ tax exposure.


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Welcome to Hong Kong!

Hong Kong is an ideal place to pursue one’s dreams to establish business or settle in a fulfilling well-remunerated job in career advancement.  The city offers unparalleled convenience not just at the workplace but also in different aspects of life. An expatriate and his family would find it with little difficulty to assimilate in a city which is host to people from virtually all parts of the World.


Our consultants have more than 30 years experience in immigration matters for Hong Kong. Whether it’s purely an application for an employment visa, or through setting up a new business in the territory as an entrepreneur, or the government schemes such as the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme by virtue of an applicant’s achievements in a specific field or his education and achievement in business or through setting up a business in the creative or technology sector, we will handle every step from when we are commissioned to issue of visa with care, timeliness and the least trouble to our client.


无论是创业或发展事业,晋升丰薪厚职, 香港都是一个追逐梦想的理想地方。 这城市,不管在工作上, 以至生活里各个环节都提供无比的利便! 您与家人很容易融入这里的生活,来自世界上几乎所有角落的人士都以此为家。

我们的顾问团队在香港入境事宜的工作已逾30年的经验。不管是一个纯工作签证申请,或是创业者通过在香港成立业务的工作签证申请,抑或是通过政府的入境计划,如按申请者在其专业范畴的成就或按其学历与工作成就的优秀人才入境计划 (“优才计划”) 申请,或是毕业于全球百强大学,具备工作经验的尖子和有极高收入的在职之士的高端人才通行证计划(“高才通计划”)申请,抑或是通过在香港从事或成立创意或科技产业的工作签证申请, 我们都能从委任开始,一丝不苟,按部就班,尽快把事情做好,不给予客户不必要的麻烦!  

2022年10月香港特别行政区行政长官发表来年的施政报告, 要提升香港的竞争力,抢人才,其中的政策是推出了高才通计划及废除每年优才计划的限额,只要是合乎资格,够分数,就獲批来港。因此,我们特意在此推,详情请点看高才通计划优才计划



Corporate planning

To form a company is not a difficult task, but to form one that is fit for purpose requires dexterity.

We would advise our client on the group structure, the appropriate shareholders and directors and the tax effects from incorporating a company to make sure the appropriate alignment.

For handling daily company secretarial work, we have a team to proactively prepare documents to meet compliance requirements. If you have any issue that has come up or already in mind, please feel free to share with us as we are always close by.


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The benefits of outsourcing

For overseas companies that have business in Hong Kong that management of which is from the headquarters or an intermediate holding company that it performs some specific functions such as sales and marketing or procurement without a large establishment, it will be costly to run a local human resources and administration department. We can come for assistance.

We are well-versed in administering payroll and MPF contribution and other administrative duties, providing timely reports and advice. 

Let's grow business together! We provide free consultation. Please drop us a note.

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