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Such business matters can range from conducting commercial due diligence, handling banking/logistics matters, setting up a company or arranging a corporate bank account to as ordinary as checking an address or taking a few photos.   


We divide our service into 2 areas, one for specific matters requiring in-depth work and the other for general ones that in both flying to Hong Kong is not worth the time or money or that we can handle the work before physical presence is definitely required.



Image by Nick Fewings

Complicated and crucial

It covers the following areas:

  1. Secretarial support;

  2. Commercial due diligence;

  3. Bank account application;

  4. Letter of credit operation and banking matters;

  5. Logistics arrangement;

  6. Advice on banking facility; and

  7. Management consulting. 

The above doesn’t cover all scenarios; if they don’t match with your request, please let us know.


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The small but crucial

There are situations that we need to verify a location or if some equipment is in operation, or whether some event has taken place or if a business is running as normal.

We carry out our work discreetly. The goodness about us conducting it is besides considerations about Covid-19 restrictions, the protracted time required and the huge expenses incurred, it may be inconvenient for our client to do it.  

For general or specific matters, we prepare specified reports as agreed with our clients.  

Let's grow business together! We provide free consultation. Please drop us a note.

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